Do More 24 Racine Volunteering Resources

Volunteer Opportunities

Community-wide volunteer opportunities for Do More 24 Racine: Updated every Friday!

Opportunity Organization Date Time
JA Day at Giese Elementary School Junior Achievement 5/3/2019 8:15 AM
Water Quality Education Great Lakes Community Conservation Corps (GLCCC) 5/16/2019 9:00AM
Food Sorting Racine County Food Bank 5/16/2019 9:00AM
Focus ROCKS, Racine ROCKS, You ROCK! Focus on Community 5/16/2019 9:00AM

Gardening & Landscaping Tiny Home Village for Homeless Veterans

Veterans Outreach of Wisconsin

5/16/2019 11:00AM
PLEASE HELP, Move that dirty rubber mulch! Christ Church Child Care 5/16/2019 12:00PM

DOMORE24 Beautification Project

SAFE Haven of Racine

5/16/2019 12:00PM

Schools of Hope end-of-year celebration preparation

Schools of Hope, United Way of Racine County

5/16/2019 various times

Expo for Special Needs

Racine County Opportunity Center

5/16/2019 various times

Jazzin' Up Julian Thomas - Playground Painting Project

Julian Thomas Elementary School

5/16/2019 contact for times

Youth As Resources - YAR Karcher student service project

Youth As Resources - YAR

5/17/2019 8:00 AM
House Proud Great Lakes Community Conservation Corps (GLCCC) 5/17/2019 9:00AM
Invasive Species Removal Great Lakes Community Conservation Corps (GLCCC) 5/17/2019 9:00AM

R/KVM 2019 Spring Shred-Fest

Racine / Kenosha Vocational Ministry

5/17/2019 9:00AM
Water Sampling Great Lakes Community Conservation Corps (GLCCC) 5/17/2019 1:00PM
1st Annual Clipper Candy Dash One Mile Run/Walk Knapp Elementary 5/17/2019 3:00PM

Jazzin' Up Julian Thomas - School Beautification Project

Julian Thomas Elementary School

5/17/2019 contact for times

Laundry Love Racine

Hospitality Center, HOPES, and HALO

5/29/2019 4:00PM
Bunks Across America Sleep In Heavenly Peace Inc - Racine-Kenosha Chapter 6/15/2019 9:00AM
Flyer Distribution in Uptown for the Chow Down! Racine Revitalization Partnership 6/15/2019 10:00 AM
Racine Black LEGACY Project Sentinel Mentors Ongoing Contact for times

Schools of Hope tutoring

Schools of Hope, United Way of Racine County

ongoing contact for times

Gardening and Prep

Racine County Opportunity Center

ongoing contact for times
Be A Friend Our Harmony Club ongoing contact for times
Burlington Senior Center Burlington Senior Center ongoing contact for times


Cerebral Palsy Agency of Racine

ongoing contact for times
Tutors wanted at John XXIII! John XXIII Educational Center: A Ministry of St. Patrick's Parish ongoing contact for times
Mentoring through John XXIII Afterschool Support Program! John XXIII Educational Center: A Ministry of St. Patrick's Parish ongoing contact for times

You can find out more about volunteer opportunities at participating nonprofit organizations by visiting the webpages above or by searching through giving profiles. Simply search by typing in a cause or the name of a charitable organization.

Important Dates & FAQs

  • March 7: Volunteer Engagement Webinar
  • March 22: Target for posting volunteer opportunities
  • March 25 - April 5: United Way promotes volunteer opportunities to corporate partners
  • April 8: Public volunteer recruitment begins and new volunteer opportunities will be posted weekly
  • May 16-17: Volunteer projects take place! (Can be at any point during the two days, not just noon to noon.)

  • Hosting well-managed, organized volunteer projects has the potential to increase donations and create return volunteers and new advocates for your work.
  • On average, people donate 10 times more money if they have volunteered in the past year. (Volunteerism and Charitable Giving, 2009 study from Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund)
  • 65% of volunteers said they would give money to the same groups to which they donate time. (Volunteerism and Charitable Giving, 2009 study from Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund)
  • Hosting a volunteer project is not required. If you choose not to host a volunteer project, consider volunteering on Do More 24! It’s an excellent way to support our community and learn more about other nonprofits.
  • Volunteer projects have the potential to have great return on investment – but they require an investment! Before posting your volunteer opportunities, be sure you have an organized plan and staff capacity to manage the project.
  • Volunteers are more likely to select your project if your posting is detailed and easy to understand. People want to know what they are signing up for before they commit. The posting might be the first exposure a person has to an organization – put your best foot forward!
  • Identify a project that can be handled by volunteers. Also consider if your project is appropriate for children/youth.
    • You can opt to have a family-friendly opportunity. Use the “application process” section to give more specific information (minor volunteers must be accompanied by an adult, volunteers must be age 14+, etc.).
  • Ensure you have enough work to keep the number of volunteers you request busy. There’s nothing worse than feeling like an organization doesn’t value your time and effort to volunteer.
  • Your project description should include:
    • Any specific skills (typing) or abilities (strength to lift X pounds) that volunteers need to be successful.
    • Any tools/materials that volunteers need to bring and/or note the tools/materials that will be provided. For example, you may provide shovels and rakes, but encourage volunteers to bring a hat and gardening gloves.
    • Volunteer attire. Are the volunteers likely to get dirty during the project? Should they wear closed-toe shoes? Corporate volunteers are especially appreciative of this information as they may need to return to work after the project.
    • Weather contingency information. If it rains of the day of your project, how should volunteers plan to proceed?
  • Your volunteer project reminder email should include:
    • A reminder of any special tools/materials that volunteers need to bring.
    • A reminder of volunteer attire.
    • Parking information, including any parking fees, and information of how to enter the building/proceed through security, if applicable.
    • Information about where volunteers should keep personal belongings (lock in vehicle, okay to bring in, etc.).
    • Information about bathrooms, particularly if your project is outdoors/not nearby a bathroom.
  • Providing snacks is a nice touch, but not required.
  • All volunteer sites should have a first aid kit and fresh water available to volunteers.
  • Identify a staff person who will be available for the entire time volunteers are on-site. That key person should be prepared to:
    • Greet/welcome volunteers
    • Provide a bit a background about your organization, mission, etc.
    • Clearly explain instructions before volunteers begin
    • Stay with volunteers to answer questions, ensure safety, monitor quality, and offer encouragement
    • Restock supplies/materials as needed, if applicable
    • Take photos and post on social media – use #DoMore24Racine
    • Thank volunteers
    • Ensure everyone signs in and out
  • After the project is complete
    • Post photos on social media! Use #DoMore24Racine and tag United Way of Racine County. (FB: UWRacine; Twitter: @UnitedWayRacine; Insta: @unitedwayracinecounty)
    • Send photos to
    • Send a thank you email to volunteers within 1-2 days. Invite them to donate to your organization through
    • Log all volunteer hours on
  • United Way will promote volunteer opportunities to corporate partners March 25-April 5. Having your project posted with all necessary details by March 22 increases the likelihood of corporate volunteers signing up for your project.
  • Encourage your current donors, volunteers and board members to volunteer.
  • Promote your volunteer opportunities on social media using #DoMore24Racine. Tag United Way of Racine County. (FB: UWRacine; Twitter: @UnitedWayRacine; Insta: @unitedwayracinecounty)

2019 Volunteer Project Guidelines

Download PDF

Volunteer Opportunity Setup Guide

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Resources for Nonprofit Leaders

Are you looking for ways to showcase volunteer opportunities within your organization during Do More 24 Racine? Check out these awesome resources on how to utilize GiveGab's volunteering features on your profile!

Resources for Volunteers

Are you looking for ways to volunteer with organizations during Do More 24 Racine? Check out the resources below to get started!